Manesm Art
Manesm is basically a combo of my first name and initial of my last name. The name was originally coined by a college class mate of mine from art school back in the early 2000s. Today, I’ve pretty much acknowledge it as the name to describe my personal style and approach to the world of art. How can one describe my personal style? Well, being that I’m a child of Post Modernism, I’d simply put it this way: I take and combine what’s already out there, and with my artistry, I stamp my artist-ship on it, ultimately reinventing the invented. So like how there’s cubism, surrealism and modernism the world now has Manesm.





Artist Statement
Throughout my entire life I’ve always been one who was willing to socialize and connect with others. Though yet again,
there seem to always be this missing link from within that kept me from freely expressing myself to the fullest extent. Something like that of a mental block. This is where the art forms: drawing, painting, and writing came in as another means of expressing myself. In addition, it’s also served as my personal doorway to fleeing from the stresses of reality.



Hand drawing with a pen or pencil was the primary skill I approached the world of art with, followed by painting and then creative writing. I usually open my process of producing a piece in a variety of ways: drawing sketches while listening to music, thinking, walking or a combination of them all. After exploring a range of options I close the artwork with the idea I instinctively chose. When the eyes of the observer makes contact with my piece, I feel that the void from within, that very missing link, in some way is finally being filled. Filled with the inner satisfaction of refusing to remain silent.

Despite the reaction or however the piece was received by the viewer, I strongly feel that I for the least managed to share one out of the thousands of messages I have in mind. As an artist, I believe that this is how my drawings, paintings, and writings relates to that of my contemporaries.